WAVE is a movement loosely organised around the idea that a wave of technological and social change is engulfing humanity, and that this wave must be used for good. At its most formal, WAVE operates as a network of affiliated organisations sharing a common set of principles.

The Institute for Social Futurism (ISF) organises research and activism as part of that network. Our research is focused on emerging technologies and their socio-political impact, while our advocacy works to support positive societal responses to technological change. For more information about our Social Futurist perspective, see “What is Social Futurism?”

WAVE interview @ One Love Get Real
Interview with WAVE founder Dr. Amon Twyman
Published on May 1, 2014 by One Love Get Real in the Love Bomb newsletter

What is WAVE?

  • A coming wave of radical global change, both positive and negative. Things are changing faster than ever before, with convergent technologies and interlocking risks, and we must harness that change for good.
  • A global social movement trying to do exactly that. This movement is not a single organization but an idea – that times are changing and we owe it to ourselves and our children to seize the moment. This movement has no single name or membership, instead including every group trying to improve the world.